Leaked! New iPhone Designs Exposed


This year Apple is sidelining style for substance with both new iPhones featuring huge sensor upgrades, which have the potential to shoot both recent two models back to the top of the smartphone camera charts. Obviously, this position have been relinquised by iphone for sometime now, say our generation.

Leaked Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max rendring

Apple is also rumoured to give users a big battery boost, this has never been a problem with iphones though but a further power boost should prove popular. Awesome! Surely, the company will abandon its class-leading 3D Touch technology this year, in effect the iPhone 11 and 11 Max will deliver a haptic experience inferior to every iPhone since the iPhone 6S. Meanwhile, with notches disappearing fast from rivals, the front of Apple’s new iPhones will remain unchanged for the third generation in a row.

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Leaked Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 11
Exposed iPhone 11 Max, iPhone XR2, iPhone 11in that order
Now that we all know about Apple’s exciting 2020 redesign and the introduction of full-screen Touch ID, the smart move is to hold fire bro. Relax, cause is going to get exiting. The bad news is Apple phones as we know on the notch are very expenssive so the upgrade and design might increase the cost. I am not certain about that but hey if you cant afford there are othter alternatives. 🙂

Source: Forbes.com

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