If your mother is a witch then you’re also a witch – Ibrah hits at Becca


Ibrah One is that one dude in the social media sphere who’s just chocked in his ‘one corner’ and throwing pointed barbs at everyone.
Every scandalous issue that comes up, he has something to say, usually straight to the heart of the issue.
Becca and her mum have been trending for three days straight over allegations the mum has thrown at the daughter.
Her mum alleges that Becca’s husband has tagged her a witch and barred her from seeing her own grandaughter.
Becca, who has yet to speak on the allegations, is chilling whilst she’s sending friends out there to defend her.
In response to the allegations, Ibrah One has jabbed Becca that if she and the husband, who has been branded as a thief, think her mum is a witch then she’s a witch herself.
He even added Becca’s own hashtag to his post: ‘Plenty nonsense,’
watch his post below

Source: ghanacelebrities.comIIbrahim one
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