Video: Police Dog Goes Viral After Walking Two Tightropes While Blindfolded


Lachi a dog in Moldova has made a wonderful achievement in a life time, walking on two tightropes while blindfolded.

The video of Lachi – who works for the border force (unpaid) in the capital city of Chisinau – showing off his incredible balance and coordination has been watched more than 33 million times.
In it, the Malinois (that’s the breed) can be seen standing on all fours on two suspended tightropes, with his left legs on the left rope and his right legs on the right rope.
With a chain in his mouth and a blindfold obscuring his vision, he then steadily shuffles forwards as the ropes wobble and shake his body about.
His limbs splayed out like a bat, he manages to shimmy his way down to the end, and just when you hope he is going to get down and receive a big cuddle, he chucks a 180, transferring his legs to the opposite ropes.
He then makes the taxing journey back down to the other end, nearly falling off right at the end, before stabilising himself and completing the incredible feat; unfortunately though, the video ends before we get to see him receive the reward he surely deserved.

Lachi is one talented doggo. Credit: CEN
Lachi is one talented doggo. Credit: CEN

It’s tough to know how to feel about the video. On the one hand, it is undoubtedly very impressive, but equally, it seems a bit unnecessary – in what scenario exactly is this border force dog expected to deploy his ridiculous blindfolded tightrope walking skills?
I suppose it all boils down to whether or not the doggo enjoys it, which is hard to determine from the video alone. Judging by the other pictures of Lachi though he seems very happy indeed with his status as a Moldovan celebrity dog.
Lachi is arguably the biggest viral celebrity dog Moldova has ever produced. Credit: CEN
Lachi is arguably the biggest viral celebrity dog Moldova has ever produced. Credit: CEN

Image Credit: CEN
video Credit: RM videos

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