Politics is the act of diplomacy between people,groups or organizations especially involving power,influence or conflict. Politics is like the sand of the sea,having a plethora of definitions. But the word politics is intertwined with leadership. One of the key variants of politics is influence. But the question which lies ahead is, influence of what sort ? Is it positive or negative. Leadership, defined by Dr Myles Munroe of beloved memory, is not pursuit of power but result. Last semester, candidates trooped into our lecture rooms,halls and even on the street with their gospels.  Some preached like the were the Joshua of our time, to lead Knust into the land of Milk and Honey or the Moses of our time to release Knust from our bondages.
They wallowed themselves in their campaigns and strived to achieve political power. Dr Martin Luther’s profound saying, ‘ I have a dream ‘ could be described as a cliché. A dream where students needs will be discussed across the board when the authorities meet. As the old saying goes, ‘ what an old man can see from afar, the young will will climb a tree and still not see. ‘. We’ve experienced parties trooping in and out of the political realm, yet the gospel preached by “`the“` John the Baptist of the then never materialised, is it that we were blind to see ? I live you to judge. I write this piece,not to condemn or play political gimmicks but for the betterment of the student populace.
I know and strongly believe these very words are very dear to the current relentless and duty bound SRC president of our time, Mr Adu – Baah Charles , ‘ I am relentless and duty bound because of living legacies in the lives of students embodiment. I only hope these words are not for _saying sake_ but for the _doing sake. Kudos to the SRC PRO, Mr Amoh Richard, for the inspiration given we, the Student Activist. I urge all students not to be nonchalant and callous ut to be outstanding students and have the eagle eye to ensure accountability and that, leaders elected to fill in the position should be relentless in their service to students.
I believe that as the student populace walk with the SRC, which is relentless and duty bound in it service, we shall march on to enlightenment and reap the benefits from the current administration.
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My name is Adabanka Edmond ( ADB ), 3rd year Sociologist and I’m Black n Proud
Long live Africa,
Long live Ghana,
Long live Knust.

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