Hall conversions, a necessity? – Adabanka Edmond (ADB) Writes


It saddens my heart that integrity is being washed in the mud. It is disheartening that authorities in the school are not meticulous in their gestures. Authorities they say they are, but I wonder the respect they demand.

Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology, being one of the prestigious institutions, is also earmarked for its vastidity and lands. Yet our distress lies in building hostels on campus while there is the need of more halls. As the adage goes, “if the brain doesn’t suffer, the body wails in pain.” On 22nd October,2018, history was made as students of this noble institution smashed a demonstration causing a brouhaha. It was indeed a big blow to the head and it affected all of us in many ways . To hit the nail on the head, the conversion of halls was the primal cause of the demonstration, though a plethora of opinions were said to be the reasons.
Despite this, the university succeeded in its efforts to convert the following halls to mixed halls: Unity Hall, University Hall and Africa Hall. If the university made acclamations of the less dominance of females, then why make Africa Hall mixed? Apparently, there is an ongoing project, just opposite Africa Hall. It’s a hostel being built for international students. If I may ask, what is the population of the Ghanaian students to foreign students? Kudos to his Excellency Nana Addo for his intervention policy, the free SHS to be precise! But what management process is the institution putting in place? It is fact that if the same number of students will be admitted from both tracks, the number of students coming to the university next year will be overwhelming.
KNUST is populated with over 55,000 students and just this year, the school admitted 16,000 more; and the increment in figures won’t end here. So why won’t the institution drive at building more halls instead of hostels, where exuberant fees are taken by the school? I am not of the opinion that the interest of the foreign students be trampled upon but fighting for the rights of the GHANAIAN STUDENTS. KNUST has a vast land.
In a nutshell, as the antique adage goes, “advice does not change a man but a series of trials”, are we to sit down and fold our hands while we can initiate projects encompassing building of more halls? Have we ever imagined the tremendous number of students who will apply after having gone through the free SHS scheme? And what system is management putting in place to curb uprising problems? These questions I leave you to judge. I entreat the SRC administration to be sensitive to our pleas and aid in biluilding more halls as well as converting those halls which were once not mixed back as tradition mustn’t be trampled upon. The price of many hostels on and off campus is quite expensive, with the recent increment being so appalling; and the wahala of porters of some hostels running away with the money of some students is awful.
As an activist and a writer, I urge all students not to be nonchalant and callous, but to be patriotic citizens of this institutional country and voice their candid opinions. I believe as the student populace work hand in hand with the SRC, relentless and duty bounded, we shall march on to the stage of enlightenment, making the conditions of things on campus better and beneficial to all and sundry.
I’m Adabanka Edmond (ADB), a third year sociologist, and I’m Black N Proud.
Longlive Africa,
Longlive Ghana,
Longlive KNUST
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