Africa, a Freed Slave ?


Oh! begotten sons and daughters of mother Africa! Have you already forgotten the pangs and sweaty blood our founding fathers soaked our motherland with? Africa, our mother, wailed until she wallowed in pain because her children are skeptical about their dignity and pride. Oh mother! My siblings are victims of pangs of conscience; they feel embarrassed and ashamed to be clothed in their culture. Our way of life have been dampened to the river bed; and washed away by the oceans.
“Africa Must Rise Or Perish” , a profound statement by Africa’s own son, has lost its true meaning.
I would like to delve into this quote “Africa must rise or perish ”  coined by Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. This statement was made during the initiation of the Organization of African Union on May 25, 1963, at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The founding fathers were Malcom X, Kwame Nkrumah and Haile Selassie. For Africa to rise, there must be a change of heart, a change of mind and change of attitude. It’s the character of the people that have to be amended *if* Africa will rise. It’s disheartening when our level of consciousness diminishes and our level of unconscious heightens. For Africans to rise, we need to eschew certain actions that soil our name with the indelible mark of shame.
Africa, in my opinion, is a freed slave. Africans have been liberated to be independent physically; but mentally, we are still slaves because we don’t posses the right attitude. _Have you ever wondered why Ghana being the first country to gain independence still struggles until now?_ When will Africans gain the right attitude where opposition parties will sing songs of praises to the government in power? When will most, if not all, policies and projects initiated by former government for the benefit of all and sundry be continued by the government in power? When will Africans know that pilfering from the coffers of their countries is an act of indiscipline and brings drains the economy, hindering it to boost? When will the African ask himself or herself, _”What can I do for my country and not what can my country do for me?”_ When????
“The city is what it is because the people are what they are,” said Plato, one of the great philosophers. This statement has a deeper meaning: the lifestyle of the people determines the nature of the city; it is the attitude of the people that makes the city. For Africans to rise, we need to possess the *right attitude* for change.
Exemplarily, rightful behaviour of statesmen, patronizing made in Ghana/Africa goods, being more concerned of modernizing without westernizing, Africa will be great. What if Africa Unites? We may differ in culture and ideologies, but there are many ways of liking a cat. Just, what if? _That notwithstanding, if there’s no change in attitude, then change is not inevitable; and Africa will remain the same, now and forever.
I’m Adabanka Edmond (ADB) , a third year Sociologist and I’m Black N Proud.
Long live Africa.
Long live Ghana.
Long live Knust.
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