University of Ghana girl disgraces guy who owes her GHC1,800 for an iPhone (video)


Currently trending on social media is a video of a beautiful young woman humiliating an equally handsome young man over a debt he owes her.

In the video sighted by, the lady is seen holding the shirt of the young man at the neck level and shouting at him.

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When onlookers tried to intervene and separate them, the lady refused and tried to pull the guy away by force. Though the voices of the main actors in the video were faint, one can hear the lady asking those pleading to pay her money. From her utterances, she gave the money to the guy for an iPhone but the guy has refused to deliver as they agreed.

“Give me the iPhone. iPhone since last year. Has it short in Ghana?,” the lady was heard saying as she pulled the guy. While she herself could not be heard mentioning the exact amount the guy owes, one voice in the background is loudly heard saying the guy owes GHC1,800.

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Fromwhat ReaditGhana gathers, the lady is a student of the University of Ghana and the whole incident happened on the school’s campus.

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