“US not safe anymore” say’s Iran General


The Deputy Commander for Coordination of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), General Mohammad Reza Naqdi, has stated that even though Iran has missiles, drones and can attack the United States of America via land and sea, the country may opt for guerrilla tactics using young Muslims across the world.

In an interview with Iranian Ofogh TV, General Naqdi stated that the Islamic youth are now motivated to carry out attacks against the United States presence in their countries.

According to him, the United States is not safe anywhere in the world as Islamic youth will “pull them out and hang them blindfolded from the trees in their cities.”

“This event is greater than exacting revenge by means of an attack, by hitting a certain target or carrying out some operation. These are minor things. I believe that the consequences of the blood are far greater.

“They create a continuous wave. As a result of this event, the U.S. is not safe anywhere in the world – not only in Iran and Iraq, but in the other Islamic countries as well. America has no security anymore. Many young people now have the motivation to attack it. Until now, they would live their lives and pass right next to Americas nest of spies [embassy] in their country.

“Starting tomorrow, or even today, they will view this nest of spies differently. They will view the people who come and go there in a different way. The Americans will bring the situation to a point.

“The pressure America exerts on the Islamic nation will lead the peoples of the Islamic countries to pull them out of their nests of spies and their military bases.

“I can see that day. They will pull them out and hang them blindfolded from the trees in their cities.”

On Thursday evening, the United States military eliminated the head of Iranian intelligence agency, General Soleimani, in a targetted drone attack in Baghdad. The action has generated tensions between the United States and the Republic of Iran.

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