KNUST Brok’n Heart: Fake ‘Nana Ama’ refuses claim she is Nana Ama, Meet the Real Nana Ama


Yet another breakup hits Online already, as many initially called this a prank more lights on the issue seems to prove otherwise. Per the Checks the lady in Questions name is ” Nana Ama” who was just until recently dating a KNUST Student with the name Samuel Aboagye aka Double.

Their breakup per reports came as a result of when Samuel Aboagye allegedly cheated on her with another girl several times resulting in many (B-J’s) the guy allegedly went about Unity Hall in KNUST bragging about to his paddies on his sweet encounter of cheating. Word finally reached out to “Nana Ama” about Sammy’s deeds resulting in their Instant Break up.

As this happened many have opted to see the lady in Question who dealt with this poor student, well we have the pics as Shown below of “Nana Ama” after her Ex Boyfriend crying bitterly and smashing his phone on the ground after Nana Ama Refused to pick his calls.. See Pics Below, More Update soon on this Story.

Amidst this trend, a new video sighted by ReaditGhana features the wrongly acused ‘Nana Ama refusing claims made by social media  that she had given  a young man named Samuel Aboagye ‘broken Heart’. In the video Vivian claimed she has never met or texted any guy called Sammy. She further requested that people stop sharing false information about her identity.


Meanwhile on our daily rounds on social media to bring the hottest trends, ReaditGhana came across an exclusive video of the real Nana Ama who gave Sammy ‘Broken Heart’.


Nana Ama

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