COVID-19: Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF) calls on Government to subsidize water and electricity tariffs


The Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF) has appealed to the Government of Ghana and it implementing agency Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) to support its members by highly subsiding water and electricity tariffs so they can also effectively contribute to the fight of the Coronavirus crisis.

They urged Government to help with essential commodities like washing detergents, sanitizes, dispensers, nose masks, hand gloves, thermometer guns, veronica buckets, hand washing soaps, tissue paper, cleaning materials  among others at subsidize price

In a Press Statement issued today, 24th March, 2020, the Federation stated that “Ghana Tourism Federation(GHATOF) in the past few weeks has been engaging its trade associations across the countries  in all the sixteen (16) administrative regions of Ghana. The impact of the Coronavirus  on the businesses of our trade associations’ members is huge and scary. The federation is therefore appealing to Government of Ghana and its implementing agency Ghana Tourism Authority(GTA) for support in this trial moment”.

GHATOF Press Release

The Federation pleads with Government to suspend taxes such as: VAT returns, Tourism LevyNHIL, Tourism Levy, Property rates, Business operating permit etc. They encouraged government for more stakeholder engagements during and after the crisis.

Members of the Federation are also encouraged to stay calm and adhere to the directives by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Ghana Health Service (GHS).

The Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATO) is the umbrella body of all private tourism trade associations in Ghana in the likes of Ghana Hotels Association, Progressive Hotels Associations, Tour Operators Association, Tour Guide Operators Union of Ghana, Car Rentals Association, Chefs Association of Ghana, Bar Tenders Association, Traditional Caterers Association among others.

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