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Google Play Store has changed its theme for the third time in less than six months, Google restarts the deployment of the new Material Theme for Play Store. All those who received the Material Theme redesign in April or May have had their changes reverted, a logical decision if the rollout was put on hold to fix important issues.

Many Android users have started to see the new Material Theme on their phones once again. This would be the third time that Google is trying to bring the redesign to Android users, but its not certain it will also be the last one.

According to the reports on those with Google Play Store version 15.8.23 have the highest chance to receive the new Material Theme, while others report they have version 16.0.15 installed and already benefit from the new design. Unfortunately, neither will matter if Google reverts the changes in the coming days or weeks.

This is How the New Play Store look like:


Old picture of Google Play Store

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