Ecobank speaks after video shows police arresting lady escaping from their bank


    Officials of Ecobank have provided details involving their Adum branch and a lady who was arrested while escaping.
    According to the bank, the lady was escaping after they noticed some unusual deposits into her account and invited her over for questioning.

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    In a tweet that was sighted by , a journalist who confirmed placing a call to Ecobank revealed the real details of the incident.
    “UPDATE: Just had a call from Ecobank on this incident. It actually happened but in August 2019,” he wrote.
    “The bank suspected unusual transfer into this lady’s account. The bank invited her to upper room to investigate her. She sensed danger and decided to escape,” he added.

    The information further noted that the incident is currently in court as the bank is investigating to know the source of the money.

    Even though the lady is not yet known, the video has been trending on social media as many commented on her body size.
    Others were trolling the lady on how she fell on the ground while trying to escape, claiming that she should not have tried running, knowing she could not.

    An earlier report about this story was captioned ” Video: Alleged lady thief steals from Ecobank Adum, jumps from first floor” 

    The lady is said to have stolen money from the bank. The video couldn’t capture the money but according to eye witnesses she threw the money on one of the cars parked in the premises before individual who recorded the video started to film.

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