How Whatsapp Could Be Ending Your Relationship


Many of us love and use WhatsApp. However, do you know that WhatsApp calling, WhatsApp messaging and other features of the famous app may be ending your relationship?

Before the invention of WhatsApp, lovers communicated by writing letters, in which they would proclaim their love. In case you missed your lover, the only option was to re-read the letters and hope that the postman would knock on your door as soon as possible.

In this post internet era, social media platforms like WhatsApp have created confusion, fights and chaos between lovers, instead of bringing them together.

In this post you will get understand how whatsapp could end your relationship in a more calm manner than you could ever imagine.

Ways How WhatsApp Could Be Ending Your Relationship.

1.The Blue Ticks

Today, ignorance has a new name, its known as “blue ticks.” Blue ticks crush your hopes by letting you know that your partner read the message but never bothered to reply. In case you read a message but forget to reply, your partner misunderstands that and thinks you are ignorant, ruining your relationship.


Your sweetheart is sending a message, then she types…types and types. After around 10 minutes, she still types but suddenly vanishes, and the message is never sent.

Regardless of whether she forgot to hit the send button or she just did that out of ignorance, it makes the other partner feel disrespected and ignored. This happens to both ladies and gentlemen and is a major cause of breakups.

3.The ‘K’ Syndrome

When a girlfriend or boyfriend is pissed off, they always reply with “K”. However, “K” means different to various people, not necessarily that they are not interested in talking. “K” is considered a conversation ender, a “STOP” sign.

4.The Last Seen Freak

Many arguments in relationships are brought up by the “last seen” feature of WhatsApp, which is responsible for many breakups. Many of us appease our insecurity by placing so much importance on “last seen.”

This is how many people reason: “if we spoke until 11.00 p.m., and his last seen is 2.00 a.m., who was he/she talking with in the extra hours? That feature will make you break up with your lover.

5.The DP Blame Game

What would happen if you uploaded a profile picture with your best friendof the opposite sex? It is obvious that your partner will get jealous and start a “third world war” in your home. Changing profile pictures has shifted from Facebook to WhatsApp, where people check them more frequently.

To make our ex jealous, just change your DP and upload one that shows a happier moment. Do you see how the DP blame game ruins your relationship?

6. Making “last seen” invisible

If you though “Last Seen|” was problematic, you need to think twice, because “Invisible” is worse. The solution brought forward by WhatsApp to counter ‘Last Seen” ended up bringing more problems than solution.

Making Last seen invisible raises suspicion among lovers and ends up breaking relationships. Many of us think that our lovers will do so much when they are “Invisible.”

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