In these countries Women take more than one husband


The norm holds in Ghana and many part of the world where a man could have more than one wife. But have you ever imagined  am woman having More than a husband? It’s kinda weird right? But hey,  this practice has been the norm in some part of our world.

I have actually selected three of the many countries where “Polyandry”- they call it, is widely accepted, becoming More like a social norm. Enjoy the facts 🙂

Polyandry is when a woman chooses to marry as many husbands she pleases, without being questioned.

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The fiest country on my list is India

Majority of the people in  Kinnaur, Himachal justify and practice Polyandry. These people actually claim to be the descendants of the Pachi Pandavas, 5 brothers who were husbands to a woman named Draupadi daughter of King Panchala. Therefore the practice has been part of them for a long time.

Did you know that Tibet a largely autonomous region in the Nepal parts of China and India still practice Fraternal Polyandry? That is, two or more brothers are married to the same woman and they have equal “sexual access to her”. You surprised right?. I was too, the first I read this.  But that’s actually a fact. The do it over there and it’s normal to them.

In actually sense, Tibet’s practice of polyandry is associated with Partible paternity, the event that a child can have more than one father.

Kenya, right here in Africa has also been noted for praying polyandry

Kenyan laws don’t explicitly forbid Polyandry and legal action can’t be taken against people who practice it.

In August 2013 two men entered an agreement to be husbands to a woman they were both in love with.Woman marries two men

It’s obvious, the practice is frowned upon by almost all the ethnic groups in Ghana. But if you know of any example in Ghana and beyond that was not captured in this please let me know in the comments below.

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