McBrown reveals what she does when she’s sad


Actress Nana Ama McBrown has disclosed that she sings to herself and cries anytime she is down.

When she was asked what inspires her, she replied that she lives in the moment but what she really does is sing to herself.

“I love by the moment by the moment but what really inspires me, what I do is, I sing to myself.”

“When I feel really sad, that’s what I do. I could sing and cry for long. When I stop, I feel okay. I could sit outside and let mosquitos bite me,” she said on Citi FM.

“I feel like wailing. Anytime even in the bathroom, when I’m really really sad, that’s what I do to feel fine,” she added.

However, she clarified that the sadness is as a result of wanting to thank God for his mercies.

“Sometimes you want to thank God because you’re fortunate and sometimes it makes me sad. I ask myself what do I do to deserve all these?” She quizzed.

She also touched on her name Felicity which was given her by her mother but changed by her late uncle and now made the Nana Ama McBrown official.

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