‘Sex for grades’ : More victims leak latest photos to accuse Prof Gyampo, others


    Of the recent ‘Sex for Grades’ documentary by BBC’s Africa Eye which has rocked prominent lecturers at universities in Ghana and Nigeria, more victims have boldly stepped forward to share their traumatic experiences.

    Ghana’s professor Ransford Gyampo was captured in the exposé ”requesting” to marry an undercover journalist who had posed as a student to seek academic favours from him.

    YEN.com.gh earlier reported Dela Goldheart, a former student of Professor Ransford Gyampo at the University of Ghana levelled sexual harassment accusations against the notable lecturer following his implication in BBC’s sex-for-grades video.

    Following the release of the documentary, some victims have shared their truth about their traumatic experiences with Professor Ransford Gyampo.

    PepperDemMinistries, an organisation with focus on probing, interrogating and theorising to facilitate learning, unlearning and re-learning narratives to address certain ingrained gender norms and how partial it can be against women in particular, highlighted stories of bold survivors.


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