VIDEO: Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev dies from injuries sustained in fight against Subriel Matias


A Russian boxer, Maxim Dadashev has died four days after sustaining brain injury from a brutal fight against a Puerto Rican opponent in Maryland.

28-year-old Maxim Dadashev underwent surgery to remove the right side of his skull after the brutal fight on Friday with Puerto Rican Subriel Matias but didn’t survive. He died on Tuesday morning.

Dadashev, also called Mad Max, was left in a medically induced coma after suffering a subdural haematoma in a 140-pound world title eliminator against Subriel Matias at MGM National Harbor, Maryland.

The Puerto Rican boxer punched Dadashev repeatedly in the head at the 11th round before Dadashev’s coach, Buddy McGirt, intervened and stopped the fight.

In distressing footage posted on Twitter during the fight, McGirt had told Dadashev, ‘I’m going to stop it, Max. Max, you’re getting hit too much.’

The fighter shook his head to indicate he did not want the fight stopped, but McGirt kept at it: ‘Please, Max, please. Let me do this. OK? OK? Look at me. Please.’

Dadashev again shook his head McGirt said: ‘If I don’t, the referee’s gonna do it. C’mon, Max. Please.’

He then called the ringside physician to assess him and informed the referee that Dadashev was out.

‘I saw him fading and when he came back to the corner [after the 11th round], my mind was already made up,’ McGirt told ESPN.

‘I was just asking him out of respect, but my mind was made up. I wasn’t going to let him go out there.’

Coach McGirt announced Tuesday morning July 23, that Dadashev has died from his injuries.

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