Videos: Norwegian woman runs and jumps like a horse


Kirstine, from Norway, has amazed the internet with her equine skills after going viral on German Twitter. Not only does she canter with the form of a horse, but she even manages to jump cleanly over a wooden bench as if her body were made for it.

Kirstine has had a public account on Instagram for about three weeks, but her popularity has gained a lot of traction since a Twitter user named Cherno tweeted out one of her videos on Tuesday and dubbed her a “Pferdemädchen,” or horse woman.

Here she is practicing with some homemade jumps.

“When I was 4 years old I loved dogs and wanted to be a dog myself,” Kirstine told INSIDER. “So when I knew I liked horses I only used what I had learned.”
Asked how she kept from injuring her wrists, she said: “I don’t really know, but I don’t have any pain in my body.”

Not everyone has been supportive of Kirstine’s unusual hobby. On Thursday, Kirstine posted a black square on Instagram with a caption suggesting she’d received some unkind comments.

“I wonder if i should delete my Instagram profile…” she wrote. “I do not know and do not intend to do it yet! So take it easy and calm down…”

She said that comments not in Norwegian or English would be deleted. In response, people expressed how much they loved her page and begged her not to get rid of it.

“Do what you love!” one person wrote. “You’re really good at running/jumping on all fours, it’s impressive! I bet it’s a great workout, too.”

Another said: “You’ve got an amazing talent!”

Kirstine must have appreciated the positive feedback, because she uploaded a new video soon after thanking people for their comments

“I’m so sensitive that I’m scared of absolutely everything!” she wrote. “Seriously, I thought I had got cancer in a mole just because I saw an advertisement that one could get cancer in the moles… There you have me…”


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