Vim Lady on “Lazy” Ladies Who Patronised Mama Gee’s products

Only lazy ladies patronised Mama Gee’s products – Vim Lady


“To the ladies, laziness is not a virtue. Those market women, hairdressers and seamstresses who wake up at dawn are humans too.” she wrote.

“I wonder where this laziness and dependent attitude came from because our mothers and grandmothers woke up from dawn to farm, market and various places to work and did not depend solely on men.

Some of them raised their children alone so where from this lazy attitude of thinking a man should be trapped to take care of you. Is he a bank? Do you as a woman not have hands or brains like men?“

“Chooooooo????Feeling angry this morning”

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These were the exact words of Afia Pokuaa aka ‘Vim Lady’ to ladies who were buying the products of notorious ‘charms’ seller Mama Gee.

Mama Gee, was recently arrested for trading unapproved products, she was the go-to lady to buy charms from which can help you snatch any man you want until her arrest

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